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Mid-Kansas Credit Union

Recent Debit Card and ATM issues

Over the weekend the credit union experienced a system shutdown due to a power surge. Once we were notified of the issue, credit union staff worked over the weekend trying to identify the problem and find a solution. Everything was finally resolved Monday afternoon, except for the ATM's which were brought back up on Tuesday. We are sorry for any inconvenience this unexpected downtime caused for you. We are working to make sure that in the future we are able to communicate better to let you know what is happening with our system and when we will have it fixed. The power surge is something that was out of our control and we fixed the system as soon as the problem was identified. This also should serve as a reminder to always have a backup plan in case your card doesn't work - that could mean carrying cash or a card that isn't linked to your credit union account. We apologize for any problems that this caused you last weekend.

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