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Mid-Kansas Credit Union

About Us

Welcome! We are a full-service credit union, with our main office in Moundridge, and a branch office in Buhler.

Our History

Mid-Kansas Credit Union began in 1947 as Moundridge Coop Federal Credit Union.  We started with 10 members, and membership dues were only 25¢.

The original membership requirement was being a member of one of the three Moundridge community cooperatives:  Moundridge Co-op Creamery (Est. 1932); Farmer’s Cooperative Association (Est. 1936); and Moundridge Co-op Elevator Association (Est. 1944). 

Much of the credit for starting a local credit union goes to Ralph Sherfy, who was the bookkeeper for the Farmers Co-op Association.  By conversing with patrons of the local cooperatives, Mr. Sherfy was able to stimulate enough interest and he willingly consented to organize a credit union. 

In 1966, we became known as Mid-Kansas Federal Credit Union. Later, in 1972, the members approved the change from a Federal charter to a State charter, and our name became Mid-Kansas Credit Union. 

Mid-Kansas Credit Union expanded it's operation, with the opening of our Buhler branch in 1990.

With area cooperatives merging, and changes in regulations over the years, we have been able to expand our membership. We live by our motto: Grounded in the Past, Growing for the Future. 

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