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Mid-Kansas Credit Union


Mid-Kansas Credit Union offers a variety of E-Services to our members. You can sign up for any of these services through MKNet. If you have questions or need assistance signing up, please give us a call. We are happy to help! 

  • E-Statements allow you to view your monthly and quarterly statements on your MKNet account, instead of receiving a paper copy in the mail. E-statements are available to view on your MKNet account on the first business day of each month, so you will be able to view those much earlier than the paper copies that are mailed.
  • E-Notices will replace many of the paper notices that we normally mail. Notices such as overdrafts, check returns, end of term, delinquency and many more can now be sent by email. E-Notices are available to members who are signed up for E-Statements.
  • E-Alerts is a feature that can help you track deposits, balances, payments, withdrawals, and advances on any of your accounts. These alerts are sent to you via email. 

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