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Mid-Kansas Credit Union

Shazam Debit Card Disputes

To dispute a transaction on your debit card, call Shazam at 833-288-1126.

Introducing…Shazam Dispute Resolution Services!

Mid-Kansas Credit Union is happy to announce that we have partnered with our debit card processor, Shazam, to provide debit card dispute services. This service allows the primary cardholder to file a dispute and navigate the claim process with a Shazam Dispute representative.

Shazam Transaction Dispute Process:

Do your research.

If you see an unusual or suspicious transaction on your account, you will want to make sure that:

  • You have your card in your possession.
  • Someone in your household did not use your card.
  • This is not a purchase for a membership, annual subscription, etc.

Contact the seller.

It is always best to try to resolve your issues directly with the retailer or service provider first. We recommend that you keep notes on how you contacted them (phone number, email, etc.), who you spoke with, etc.

Call Shazam!

  • Shazam Disputes (833) 288-1126
  • If you are unable to resolve this dispute with the merchant, or if you have determined that this transaction is fraudulent, you should call a Shazam Dispute representative immediately.
  • When you contact Shazam, you should clearly explain why you are in the right and provide evidence to support your claims if you can, such as receipts, emails from the merchant, etc.
  • Shazam will investigate the claim and ask you to verify details of the dispute with supporting documents and signatures. You will be notified of a decision, typically within 5 to 10 days.

Please keep in mind that chargebacks are meant for situations in which the merchant is in the wrong, not cases in which you simply changed your mind. Some situations do not qualify for credit or refunds.

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